Issue 2: ‘Introducing Cupcakes’ Is Now Available

Cupcake Edition

Cupcakes continue to be as popular as ever when it comes to delectable desserts.  Let this month’s issue show you how to create amazing cupcakes that will leave your guests waiting for the next party invitation.

In the November 2013 Kid’s Birthday Cake issue of Collectively Cake, we share:

  • Ten Tips for designing the perfect cupcake.  Enhance your cupcake baking experience by avoiding the common mistakes.
  • Bake it or fake it -Two ways of getting high domed cupcakes.  Everyone loves seeing cupcakes with a beautifully formed dome.  We share a great recipe you can follow and also a clever frosting technique so you too can achieve the perfect dome every time.
  • Cupcake decorating tutorial.  Learn you how to make those fabulous icing swirls so you too can achieve the same results as the professionals.
  • Video: Make your very own owl cupcakes.  This simple design idea will make you look like an expert and is a fun idea to make with your kids.
  • Introducing Joni Trimmer.  Be inspired as Joni shares her cake story and discover how you too can be featured in our magazine.

magazine cover

Click here to download The the cupcake issue!

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